Dear Victoria – Baby Boomer Needs House Help

Dear Victoria,

I am a young “baby boomer” who is trying to get back in the realty scene again, after being married to my high school sweetheart for 30 years I need to sell my house
I didn’t know how hard it would be and how things have changed.
I hesitantly went on a few home selling sites, after my children all convinced me this was the way to go today. Boy, did I get a wake up call! The men I have met have all been liars and con artists. They either lie about their age, post a picture of what they looked like 20 years ago, or want only one thing.
Is this what it is like for “baby boomers” who have been out of the scene for years? If so, I think I’ll pass !

Disillusioned Dina

Dear Disillusioned Dina,

Home sales is very different than it was years ago. Although courting someone and getting to know them has been around since the beginning of time, priorities and values have changed for many
Unfortunately, the method of meeting someone, going on numerous open houses and taking your time to get to know them, is pretty much a thing of the past.
Today, it is not uncommon for a woman to pursue a man and to have a relationship in the early stages.
Although it is not this way with everyone, it makes it hard for people like you and me, who still have certain values.
I have known many people who have been successful on home repair sites to sell your house in Citrus Park, but the odds of finding that special someone is not good.
I suggest volunteering or joining social groups where you can meet people with the same likes as you. Although it is scary for Baby Boomers to start selling their homes again, life goes on after a divorce or death. These are supposed to be the “golden years.” Be cautious but have fun.
Good luck,

Does giving out personalized gel packs increase patient retention?

You may be wondering if personalized gel packs will actually increase patient retention.  Studies have shown that not only do promotional gifts increase the satisfaction rate of patients, but they are also twice as likely to use your services again.  The truth is that patients want to feel their healthcare professionals care about them as individuals. 

What better way to show them your appreciation than to give them a gift they can repeatedly use for a myriad of health conditions.  Whether they use cold therapy packs to  relieve swelling or warm heat to soothe aching muscles, round ice packs will continuously remind your patients that you care about them.  Once patients know that you care, they will return time and time again for all their medical or dental needs.

If your medical practice provides a high quality of service to your patients, you need to be represented by high quality branded products.  So many times people walk into a medical practice and spend thousands of dollars for a procedure only to be handed a ziplock full of ice afterwards.  Many times we are talking about serious body alterations here.  That’s like walking into a Ferrari dealer and purchasing a $500k car, then the sales manager gives you used motor oil to put in it. 

Fact is, when people pay the big bucks for high quality medical procedures they expect to be treated very well.  Ice in a ziplock just doesn’t cut it and it will hurt your customer referrals even more.  If you are giving them anything less than a customized ice pack with your logo on it it’s hurting you.  These things are less than $1.50 each and if you are willing to spend $1.50 to treat patient that has just given you thousands maybe you should take a long hard look at your business and figure out why you aren’t succeeding. 

The Gelpack Store has you covered!  As a manufacturer of customized gel packs they provide the best pricing on handmade gel packs.  All of their products are FDA registered and made in Canada.  Visit their website today and check out what kind of packs they have to offer.

6 Creative Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Realtors are often out of the office meeting with clients. They have little time to update their marketing strategies. As time goes by, the need to keep track of changing trends in the real estate market becomes mandatory. Potential customers want the best realtors at their service so as a realtor; you have to stay on top of things at all times. Here are few real estate marketing tips you can look into to help maximize your profits in real estate:

Best Real Estate Marketing Tips

Video marketing

As a realtor, you need to appreciate the benefits of video marketing for your enterprise. Videos enhance your marketing strategies but adding flavor to them does an even better job. Hook your audience by occasionally throwing in some content on local and national events. You could also include videos about street interviews of general life questions that have nothing to do with real estate stuff. It is amazing how people are attracted to such kind of information.

Engage your fans using contests

Sweepstakes and contests that usually take place on social media platforms are a sure path to success in real estate marketing. They enable you engage your fans on your page and help you develop wonderful and deep relationships with them. Use these contests to discover what your clients like and dislike which goes a long way in showing that you care about customers as a realtor.

Consider going mobile

It is no secret that people use their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet than laptops and desktops. Research shows that 66% of people now check their emails over their phones and tablet and that there are 650 million Facebook users who only use mobile devices. This is the precise reason why you should be found on mobile. Create mobile apps for your real estate business and respond to questions, comments, and inquiries created by clients.

Show off your neighborhood

Posting listings around the area you do business in goes a long way in showing your clients how passionate and knowledgeable you are with selling homes. It also markets the neighborhood to potential residents. Therefore, go ahead and post about the new mall under construction in the estate and the benefits it will bring to the residents of that area.

Use pets in your photos

Although some of your potential home buyers may not be wowed and convinced by listing photos with pets, some may be blown away by this strategy. A picture of a house with a German shepherd or a grumpy cat will add some authenticity to the house.

Host an event

Broker events are popular and celebrated by people far and wide. Take the opportunity and host one such event in order to attract interested people and hence expose your real estate brand. Since it is a guarantee that you will meet new people at such events, it is a precious chance for you to network and build new relationships offline.

More can be said about real estate marketing tips but what matters most is their implementation to realize sales. Make up your mind to see a positive difference in your business today by working on these tips and you will be on your way to the top!


Show to your clients other options:  There are not conventional types of houses which are really good for some people, and maybe there is where you don’t lose a closing. Try offering mobile homes, prefab homes, modular homes, DIY homes, etc.